About Me

Life is interesting, so lets be sure to capture those interesting moments.

Hello, My name is A'Dorothy, it is pronounced (Ay-Door-Thee), Im a Photographer based out of Richmond, Tx. I never envisioned myself becoming a photographer, but I love seeing the beauty in people, places and things. I purchased my first professional camera back in 2022 when I quit my job due to unforeseen circumstances. My intentions were too create better visual content for my music artistry. Although, I still pursue music it has helped me figure out my logo/niche, (A'dorEverything). The mindset behind it is that I've never wanted to limit myself to one thing because life is filled with amazing opportunities. In addition to that, the first four letters are the same as my first name. I just thought that was super cool. I hope my Lumix G7 enriches you as much as it is enriching me.

Happy ARTistry!